The Premier Real Estate Wholesaling   Mastermind

There are many options for Masterminds which focus primarily in the Real Estate Wholesaling industry. The moderators of The Wholesaling Elite Mastermind set out to create something never done before. This is the first Mastermind created and managed by DURU's. Max Maxwell and Scott Oots are both powerhouses in the wholesaling industry and most importantly they are both actively involved in their businesses.

"Commit to Success"

Our goal is to help every member thrive in their real estate wholesaling business. Are you ready to Commit to Success?

Why Are Masterminds So Important?

Collaboration with other like-minded investors

We will ensure you are in the room with other business owners with a similar knowledge and drive

New Perspectives

Because this is a collaboration, you will be immersed in new perspectives every time we meet. Be open to changes and watch your business grow faster than you would have ever imaged

Increased Business Profitability

As long as you take the items discussed and actually implement them your business has the ability to be on a whole new level when looking at profitability

Honest Feedback and Direction

This is not for the weak of heart or the people that want to be coddled. We are here to be open, honest and vulnerable. We will not tell you what you want to hear, we will tell you what you need to hear


 Our members realize the importance of a give take relationship. We are all here to offer support to one another during and in between meetings. This is not just a meeting, the relationships built here will seem like family

You will be challenged and held accountable

 We will listen to your struggles and successes openly and use that to steer you in the direction to accomplish your goals. We will set new goals and clear direction to help you achieve them


As a business owner, the feeling of giving up can overwhelm you at times. Having a support system like the one provided here will help you through these times and offer guidance to motivate you moving forward

Tools to be a Multi-Million dollar business

 We will not only help set you on the path to have the potential of being a multi-million dollar business, we will actually provide you the tools and direction to get you there


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