What is the Difference Between a Guru and a Duru?

What is a Wholesaling Duru?

A Duru is actively participating in their own operation. This gives them the ability to speak honestly and openly about successes and failures actually experienced first hand. Basically they are actually DOING the business.

What is a Wholesaling Guru?

A Guru in most cases spends their time coaching. Some, not all have never actually been part of or owned a successful wholesaling operation. Guru's join high level masterminds to soak in new information to share with their followers to claim as their own experiences versus actually experiencing it themselves. 

Who would you rather learn from?

The Wholesaling Elite Mastermind was created by Max Maxwell and Scott Oots. Both are Duru's, focusing on their business operations. The creation of the mastermind was to fill a need for aspiring real estate wholesalers whom are overwhelmed with reused information and tired of being duped by the people that focus more on followers and selling courses than actually teaching and caring. 


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