Membership Levels

We carefully crafted multiple levels of the Wholesaling Elite Mastermind to ensure you are in a room with other business owners at a similar place with similar successes and challenges

What all Membership Levels Receive

  • Quarterly in person meetings with the group

  • Coaching calls

  • Access to Facebook group

  • Discounted tickets to moderator events

  • Time with Max & Scott

Wholesaling Elite

  • Most likely newer to the business, may do deals off and on, but would like to add an additional level of consistency, one that will increase their deal flow and steer them in the direction of having a business versus a hobby

  • Most likely does not have a staff as of yet and the organizational chart would include the owners name in most categories

  • You are motivated to build long lasting relationships, be vulnerable, and share their successes and failures with the group

  • You have the drive to succeed and the desire to help others

Wholesaling Elite Pro

  • You are closing deals monthly generating somewhat consistent income to the business

  • Most likely works in the business full time or is ready to make that shift in the near future

  • You must have the drive to succeed and be willing to make tough decisions to ensure continued business success

  • You should have the basics such as a registered business, website and business cards.

  • Must be willing to openly share successes and learning experiences with the group, even if that means being vulnerable

  • You must take feedback openly and be willing to make changes necessary

Wholesaling Elite VIP

Details Coming Soon

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