Our Guarantee

Max and Scott will attend all quarterly meetings. We will not hire someone to fill in for us. This Mastermind is not just a business venture to us, this is our passion, this is what fulfills us. 

Wouldn't you rather be part of something where the members and moderators want to be in the room versus regretting falling for the hard sell, wondering if this is the right fit for them.

  • We will sell nothing in the room

  • Meetings will have a maximum of 30 businesses to ensure enough time is allotted to each member

  • Meetings are a collaboration between all members. We all have a similar goal in mind

  • We will continuously break down every aspect of your business to ensure you are on the right track to achieve success

  • The tools to grow into a multi-million dollar business will be at your fingertips, its your job to implement to make it reality


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